Arman Fanavaran Zamin Co

Maintenance & Repairing

Seismic Equipment Specialist Repairs & Maintenance
The company is able to repair and update specialized systems by using expert and experienced experts in the field of seismic, accelerometer and weather station equipment repair and design.The company's repair team is able to repair and service according to the standards of the manufacturer's factories on the devices using the experience and training provided by the company's specialists and engineers.The company is able to repair all systems by building the following companies with the accepted standards of original company using the main parts
 All seismic systems manufactured by R-sensors Russia (as the official and exclusive representative in Iran)

 Seismic and accelerometer equipment manufactured by Guralp UK company
 Meteorological Systems & weather stations manufactured by Germany's Lembersht
All  French Laboolic Measurement Systems

A number of our main customers who repaired and upgraded their equipment at the company's repair center
 International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology  (seismic and accelerated systems, weather stations)
Geological Survey and Mineral Exploration organization (seismic systems)
Zamin AB pay Ltd.(Seismic Systems)
Iranian  Shipping Line Company (Meteorological Systems)