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Design and production

In this part of the company, using the technical know-how of the day and the needs of the customers of the company, different equipment is designed and manufactured

Experienced designers and designers have succeeded in designing and manufacturing several examples of high technology applications for use in major national projects

The main equipment designed and manufactured by this company are

  GeoArm-R24 Series Seismic Recorder

Considering the country's need for a low-cost recorder for use in various projects that are easiest to use at the same time. The Geoarmatech Company, in partnership with Webtronic US Company, has been developing a 24-bit recorder with operating system Windows said the record was easy to operate due to its Windows operating system, which is familiar to most users in Iran

After making the first series and appropriate feedback from different users, the Geoarmatech Company R&D team has made it a top-ranked optimization recorder and ultimately self-sufficient in the construction of this kind of For this reason, they produced the second series with the revisions called GeoArm-R24MKII. Within a year of producing this sample, the Geoarmatech Design and Development team was proud to have achieved full-scale production of fully digitizer cards and recorder systems without any assistance from the American company. In this regard, the self-sufficiency of the head Give. The fully indigenous example of this recorder called GeoArm-R24MK3 was introduced to the market and used for the most important national projects for the first time

borehole camera
The company is proud to design and produce borehole camera systems for the first time in the Middle East, which is fully implemented by design and manufacturing experts. This product is applicable for use in various projects and is most used to save sampling costs in exploratory wells that can be explored and thoroughly reviewed during or after digging the entire borehole pathway. Different studies scanned and simultaneously traversed the trajectory within the borehole. This technology has been used in contraction dams and tunnels projects

borehole Tilt meter systems
Considering the requirements of different sections of geotechnical engineering in the field of measuring the slope of drilling wells and exploratory oil, considering the high costs of drilling as well as the high prices of external samples, the inertial tilt meters by R&D team of the company Designed and produced by various models of these devices.which provided a variety of capabilities for researchers and engineers in national projects
Production models of the tilt meters in the borehole produced
1- INC 201 Standard tilt meter system for measuring inside boreholes with a Tube rail in two directions X and Y with a precision of 0.1 °
2- INC 202 Standard tilt meter in standard wells Lightweight and easy to measure inside boreholes in two directions X and Y with a precision of 0.1 °
3- INC 2020 In-line 20-channel standard tilt meter for measuring inside fixed boreholes in large structures in two directions X and Y with a precision of 0.1 °

Ambient temperature control systems and full meteorological stations

In order to control the temperature and humidity in industrial environments, it requires very precise control equipment. In this way, with the help of the French company Laboholic, the company has been designing and manufacturing temperature and humidity data loggers with high precision and various facilities for use in industrial environments and server rooms. With one Wire technology, these data loggers can support a large number of different sensor types