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 Seismic Monitoring Project of Isfahan subway Lines and Historic Monuments on the Road in cooperation with the University of Science and Technology

This project has been carried out to study the status of the existing structures in the route of the metro lines of Isfahan, including the installation of digital seismic systems in the metro tunnels and on important historical structures, including 33pol bridge with using 11 units Seismometer is started up. These systems fully process seismic data on seismic data and will send alert messages to the integrated control network if the vibration is exceeded by the specified limit

Seismic Monitoring Project of Shiraz subway lines in cooperation with the University of Science and Technology

This project is being designed and implemented in accordance with the existing geological structure in the city of Shiraz to control the vibrations on the route of the Metro tunnels. The project uses 13 digital seismometers for online monitoring on metro lines

 Development Portable digital seismic with cooperation R-Sensors company project

After investigations on the seismic equipment market in Iran and the need for equipment with good quality and reasonable prices for engineering applications, especially for use in macro tremor projects, and the findings of aftershock data in the form of local networks with Consideration of the contract with Russian company R-Sensors for cooperation in the development of seismic systems using the knowledge of the project was started at Geoarmatech Company. At present, there are two product models for construction and development at the design and construction stage of the original model. The company's design team hopes to prepare the first prototype of this series with specifications and pricing to be launched at the eighteenth Iranian Geophysical Conference in May next year