Arman Fanavaran Zamin Co


- Visit GEObit  company in Greece and participate in the training course on the construction and assembly of new products by Geoarmatech team
- Perform seismic installation of seismic systems using GeoArm-R24 MK3 recorder in Shiraz Metro Lines network
- Unveiling an Advanced Recorder of the Design and Development Team by  Rocky brand  at the Exhibition of the 18th Iranian Geophysical Conference
- Unveiling of the made  All-Iranian Digital Seismograph System by  AMG-24 brand at the Exhibition of the 18th Iranian Geophysical Conference
- Unveiling of the latest achievements of the company in the exhibition of the 18th Iranian Geophysical Conference
- Participation in the eighteenth Iranian Geophysical Conference as the main sponsor of the conference in May of this year (18 to 20)
- Delivery of seismic systems of the company (GeoArm-24 MK3) to Shiraz Urban Train Organization --- Performing the monitoring of historical structures of Isfahan city using seismic manufacturing company (GeoArm-R24MK3)
- Perform seismic instrument installation using GeoArm-R24 MK3 model recorders in Isfahan metro lines network
- Design and manufacture of a special case recorder for the GeoArm-R24 model version 3 for use in seismic monitoring projects in subway lines and similar networks.
- Contract for equipment supply for seismic monitoring project of Shiraz subway lines
- Contract for supplying equipment for the monitoring project of Isfahan metro lines and historical structures on the route
-Agreement of cooperation  on development and production of advanced digital seismic systems with R-Sensors Russian company.
- Introduction of the new digital sensors of R-Sensors and their presentation in Iran by Geoarmatech
- The production and supply of 32-bit recorders under the license of GEObit Greece by Geoarmatech for the first time in Iran
- Construction and delivery of the first series of 3-channel GeoArm-R24 MKII recordings to the Faculty of Railway of Iran University of Science and Technology
- Design and build a 3-channel GeoArm-R24 recorder with Windows 7 operating system